APIP offers an Australia wide end to end service for identifying, training, mentoring and placing indigenous men and women into long term sustainable employment.

Why choose us

APIP’s resourcing capabilities span across several industry sectors including civil construction, manufacturing, transport, administration, agriculture, mining and retail.


Via strong links to many Traditional Owner groups, APIP support project proponents by forming administrative arrangements with local organisations, indigenous stakeholders and industry employers. On any new project APIP works with our Client to implement a First Nation training to employment plan to ensure job seekers are retained in meaningful employment.


Through our mentoring program APIP enters into an agreement with all staff, indigenous and non-indigenous, to provide an holistic approach to the individual employee. Our success is measured via long term employee engagement, individual development of skills and empowerment of the employee to make better career and personal decisions.

APIP offers a unique Indigenous mentoring program comprising three key pillars



On site peer support


Off site pastoral care and personal support services



Skills based development


In conjunction with our Client, APIP will determine general work ready requirements. The activity will focus on jobseekers requiring customised pre-employment support to enhance their potential to be placed and retained in employment. Training will be provided to job seekers based upon experience, aptitude and Client requirements. Pre-employment training also includes entry level work ready programmes for long term unemployed men and women.


APIP place job seekers into permanent and casual employment based upon employer requirements. Through our robust screening procedures, developed over the past 21 years, APIP identify the right resource for the role. In placing casuals we are award or EBA compliant and ensure insurances and ancillary payments, such as superannuation, are all compliant and up to date. APIP also plan and implement post project specific employment to include transition options into other greater regional employment activity.

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APIP works to bridge the gap by offering specialist recruitment, training, mentoring and placement services.